Fosters are the backbone of our rescue. We are a volunteer-run organization and rely on foster homes to continue doing the work we do. Fostering comes with lots of great benefits - you get the companionship of a dog without the financial impact or long-term commitment. VA covers expenses like food, basic supplies and vet care during the foster period, which can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the dog.


Fosters are not expected to pay any expenses for the dog, but they are asked to care for the dog as if it were their own by providing the dog with love, shelter and exercise. Fosters are also asked to help with training (when needed), giving medication (when needed), transporting the dog to and from an approved vet (when needed), and making the dog available for meet and greets with potential adopters (the timing of this is flexible and based on your schedule).


It's important to note that Vancouver Adoptables does not have a shelter location. Our foster homes are the only homes for our rescues, so by assuming responsibility to foster an animal you are agreeing to provide your home for this animal until he or she can be adopted. It can be a significant burden on our volunteers and difficult to find an alternative foster home for a dog during its time in care, so we ask potential foster homes to really consider if they can commit to fostering the dog until adoption prior to agreeing to take one in. 


If you would like to volunteer as a foster home, please fill out the application here.